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What Trek Against Trump Won’t Tell You.

The other day I saw A post from George Takei on Twitter  about Trek Against Donald J. Trump. I read the Post and the list of name ( at the time only a few ) J.J. Abrams, Scott Bakula (Capt. Jonathan Archer),  George Takei (Capt. Hikaru Sulu), and maybe a handful more. At the time I felt a bit hurt that My Capt. Mr. Bakula was on the list, but like My Flash John Wesley Shipp I accept that we all have to have different views and politics has never made me turn off or refuse to let entertainers do their job.

First things first if you have not read this I want to post the post itself so we all have a equal footing.

Ok so since the other day more than 100 Members of the Star Trek cast and crew have endorsed an open letter against Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. And the post continues by say that voting Green or Libertarian, because the two major candidates are “equally flawed” is “illogical and inaccurate.”

And then the Caveat “Vote for a future of enlightenment and inclusion, a future that will someday lead us to the stars,” the post concludes.

Calm down if you are anything like me you will have thought about this for a second and started laughing uncontrollably. Yes the same people that have brought us years of entertainment have just told you that “If you want a Star Trek World Vote Hillary”

I personally do want The Star Trek World, I just do not want to pay their PRICE!!

Lets take a step back a second, Star Trek is about Space. In the last 7.5 years under this Administration a Democratic Administration  N.A.S.A. was essentially shut down.  Star Trek is about unity among different people, cultures, and species, In the last 7.5 years we as a planet and its inhabitants could not be more separate.

Going back again we have to remember how Earth Gain Access to the Federation ( yes I know at first it was not named that ). Humans had to design, and test the warp drive. Simply beautiful if that all you say, simply a dream if thats all you look at.

But its a LIE!!  Earth had fought its Third “3rd” World War and humans are almost extinct. Humans live like The Walking Dead is a reality, wondering place to place, Fighting  and Killing .  Food is scares and humans just like in the West Drank Alcohol Heavily to keep hydrated. The Ship that brakes the Warp Drive Is A NUKE!!!!!!!

When I was a kid I was told the story of Noah,  God saved him, his family, and 2 of each animals.  As a kid the story was told beautifully and with love just like the idea of Star Trek World. But the truth is with Noah , God Murdered all the but a few Humans on Earth. Star Trek is the same as a kid its beautiful, sexy, everyone is treated the same, IT’S NOT!

With all that said if you want a Star Trek World Great! Vote Hillary Clinton. But the Price You will Pay may eliminate you from seeing the promise land. World War 3 will take 75% of the life on this Planet, Starvation another 5%, (Murder lets be generous) another 5%  It doesn’t take a Wil Wheaton to see that leaves us with about 15% of human life left on this planet. Bets would totally be against most people, what do you feel like your chances are?

Like I said earlier I will not let Politics get in my way of my entertainment but I will be honest I feel like these very Great Entertainers have just alienated (pun intended) a huge portion of their base and with a race this polarizing is it really right to weigh in?

Tell me what you think, is a vote for Hillary Clinton bringing about World War 3 and a hopeful Star Trek World?