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My Return to Team Arrow

There are a lot of Teams to Join out here in the Comic, Nerd or the Geek World. Between  the CW, Marvel on Netflix, D.C Universe, Marvel Universe, and a bunch I have never heard of, there is a plethora of teams one may join. I am at my core Team Superman but since we do not have a Current Superman show I have chosen to be apart of Team Arrow. Now I realize these two heroes could not be more different but Oliver is a Great Leader and I have been Proud to call myself a Tea Arrow member since day one.

Over the past few Months we have seen the breaking apart of Team Arrow, with Rick Gonzalez A.K.A. ( Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog ) , Echo Kellum A.K.A. ( Curtis Holt / Mr. Terrific ), and Juliana Harkavy A.K.A. ( Dinah Drake / Black Canary ) all Leaving and Starting Team???? Did we ever get a Name?  I just call them “Team Wild Dog” since my Boss is the sudo Leader.  With Curtis’s Brains and not having anyone to go home to, the Team quickly gets up to speed with a new secret lair, 

but with no real leader the Team has had some real stumbling getting on their feet.

My reasons for Leaving Team Arrow and why I am returning.

My reason for leaving was simple, Oliver had become paranoid and his judgment was being manipulated. When the Core team decided that all the other team members needed to be followed, being Wild Dogs “Sidekick” I would have had to take my Boss’s side and Walk. But very quickly it become apparent that Team Wild Dog was a little more loose with the controls, and so even though the Team does have a common enemy “Oliver” thats not working. Wild Dog has become unstable and a bit Vindictive, and even though he has a right, his actions and words directed at Diggle are uncalled for.

Hoss its time to apologize.

Last week when the two teams came back together & it was a welcome solution to the James Problem. But when the most horrible decision had to be made Stop the Bomb (save the city) or save Vincent, I had to turn my back on my Boss and his new Team. Team Arrow had the right call, as we saw there was no saving Vincent and by splitting the Teams the bomb was successfully hidden again. The Bomb and all of this could have been avoided if Wild Dog had just sat, and stayed. And this is the Reason I have to Stay with Team Arrow. I’m sorry Boss but ya ain’t right, right now.

With all that being said it looks as if Team Arrow and Team Wild Dog’s conflicts have come to a head.

Boss “Wild Dog” Just so you know I will put you down if you continue with your reckless behavior.

FanFiction from the Brain of Brian Lee O’Kert