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Team Phoebe Torrance “Early Warning”!

I woke up this morning at 2:30am, with a headache. One of those that wakes me just to mess with me.  After a while of trying and failing to get some more rest I just decided to get up, flip on the T.V. and hope to drown out the pain. Catching up on My Shows is impossible due to the pain, so reruns it is. I turn on Friday Night Dinner as background noise and check my Twitter.

I had Twitter open when I fell Asleep ( that might be why Im hurting right now , LOL ).  So the first photo upon refreshing the page I see is a photo of Phoebe Torrance.

Original Link: 

I scroll on since this post is from a while ago, and start my twitter Day completely forgetting about Phoebe. Then a few hours later, Headache starting to subside ( thanks to a large dose of Excedrin ) I see another post from Phoebe and a bit of a catch word for me London.





Original Link:

I reposted her tweet and just kept going on, Heck I see peoples post all day why should I care. Right?

Well Im a person that Prides himself on being one that can see the Forest And The Trees, so when a person comes across my screen accidentally multiple times I perk up my Spock Ears.  Again earlier I had turned on Friday Night Dinner to just run as background noise, and all of a sudden BAMM!!  There Phoebe is, for the 3rd time in just a few hours.


Like I said I see things, don’t know why, don’t know what they mean, Heck I don’t even know if Im not just crazy. But I have been A huge James Corden fan since the early years of Gavin & Stacey. I fell almost instantly in love with Thandie Newton in Gridlock’d, I was drawn in by  Tupac Shakur Tim Roth but Thandie caught my eye and stuck, Now she’s one of the Biggest names on WESTWORLD.  And for some reason the universe, the world, or maybe just twitter want Phoebe Torrance  on our radar.

I think this is one of the best things we get as Entertainment Recipients, Watching a Star Be BORN! Phoebe has not been in a lot of things yet but Boy oh Boy she is poised to take over the world of Entertainment. According to IMDB, In 2012 when she Starred in a short film “You Love Me” as Lisa, then in  2013 she was in “The Bouncer” another short film.  And then in 2016 in “Friday Night Dinner” as a guest, and this is where I met her. With in a few months “Six Rounds” is coming out and from what we have read Phoebe is going to be the Mermaid. ( How Cool is That? )

As of today I am ‘Team Phoebe’, LOL yep I am calling it today Phoebe Torrance is a Star on the Rise and I am happy to watch her Take Over H-Town.