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Now we get to watch how Rick gets Judith Killed

Rick is the Bad Guy and Tonights Episode of the Walking Dead Proves it.

Rick has always been the one that Starts all the Fights and in so all the Deaths are his Fault.  I will explain why in this Post but First Let me catch you up on what happened to Carl and How Rick got him Killed. Be for Warned  if you have Not seen last nights Episode Stop Reading NOW!!! Stop!! Don’t Read any more!!

Spoiler Alerts!!

On the Latest episode of the Walking Dead Season 8 | Episode 9 Honor  we see that Carl goes back for the Doctor who Rick had shot at and left to fend for himself. Even after Carl asks and Explains his Reasons Why, Rick does not go after the Doc. Carl later goes after and ends up Saving the Doc bring back a Huge resource for the community, But in doing so is Bitten. If Rick had Listened to Carl and Gone after the Doc, 1. there would Not have been a Fight that takes Carl out on his Blindside. and 2. The Community would have had a Doc and a Brain a.k.a. Carl.

Even after finding out Carl is bit, and taking care of him as he goes, Rick then Leaves Carl in the Last Minutes to Commit the Ultimate sin ( We Still Live in a God World ) and Take his own Life. Rick was not there for His wife’s (Lori Grimes) and Now not Carl’s, And unlike almost Everyone else that Rick has sat with whilst dying, he never Showed his son Mercy. And Yes I realize I just injected Z-Nation into a Walking Dead Post but it Does play here.  Carl “Supposably” spiked his Mother (I use air quotes because I don’t think he did it, But I digress thats for another post)

Even though Both Rick and Michonne are with Carl almost to the end, Both leave and let Carl do what he wants, Even though he says He is not suppose to. And there comes the “Rub”, Carl Knew better and so did both the Grown Adults but instead of doing what HAS to be Done they Can’t. Just like Morgan Not killing Gavin when he had the Chance, It took a Kid to do it. A Kid who knew No Better and has Henceforth stained his own Humanity.

Rick said “he did everything for his Kid” BUT!! and a HUGE BUT must be given here since No Parent would Subject their kids to this kinds B.S. Dick Measuring, Ball Weighing, Testosterone Fueled Ass Clownery unless they were a Bad Parent or a Bad Man to start with.  Lets go back for a minute, When we start the show Rick and Lori are having Problems. Problems enough that when they are Separated for a few days, and she is told he is dead she Jumps into another man’s arms.  Now for all of us that have ever been in a Relationship, At this point You ain’t Friends really anymore.

Once finding out Lori and Shane were together, very Meticulously Rick plots his Revenge and takes Shane out without any push back from the Group. And in knowing He knows Judith ain’t his has been one Big reason Rick has been so Stand offish with her.  I think the Guilt of his first Real Vengeful Killing and the Start to his Psychosis will always have that Singular Moment for Rick, Murdering Shane was his Turning point from Decent Human to Full on Bad Guy.

The Farm and the Fall were of Rick’s making, The Hospital (with Cops), The Cannibals, Heck even the Governor was 100% of Rick’s Making. And Now Negan, For all those who Forgot, Rick and the Alexandria people on orders from the Hilltop Slaughtered 30 of Negan’s people in their Sleep without ever Asking Why. and then When Negan takes his Pound of Flesh Rick like all Bad Guys Cries Foul and acts like a big baby.

Now I don’t know how Judith with die or How Rick will serve her up or by his own inaction or Asshole Actions get her killed but I will say I hope they never Make her his Love interest.

Rebuttals Are open Tell me What ya think or Give some other Spin.