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Linzi Gray

Lindsey Childress (born 10/15/984)  known professionally as Linzi Gray

A Network Security Specialist (info on work history) turned Actress, Producer, Writer best known for.  A Portrait of Evil


Linzi was Born to Cathy Gray and Daniel Childress

Cathy Gray, a Virginia-born Computer Specialist, and Daniel Childress, a Texas-born Computer Programmer, raised Linzi in Richmond, VA. with 1 Brother.


Early life.:

Linzi insisted at the age 5 to attend ballet school, setting her on a performing path in life. She later turned her focus to acting and joined her middle school’s Drama Club, where she played the supporting role in Cinderella, A Christmas Carol, The Little Red Riding Hood, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and Much Ado About Nothing.


After high school, Linzi starred in a few student films and a web series, most notably “Mob Wars”.


Later, Earning Herself a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Network Security from ECPI University

Linzi went on to work for {Who}


Linzi landed her first American role as a Mourner in 2017 on  Homeland Season 7 Episode 5 “Active Measures“. In early 2018 Linzi went on to work in the background on Creed 2,  House of Cards, Words on Bathroom Walls, and is set to appear in the new Wonder Woman 1984 in 2020.


An Animal Lover turned Activist Linzi often describes herself as having an offensive and dirty sense of humor. {This Needs More}