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Brian O’Kert

Brian O’kert has been in the Tech Field since 1999. Beginning in Data Recovery and Webpage Editing Brian made fast Advancements in Hardware Diagnostics and Software Repair, Until going to work for a Local Government Agency working Primarily in Traffic Management and Software Implication.

After Leaving his Government work Brian set up shop Repairing Computers. Within a year the shop had expanded to home and office visits and Coparate Phone system setups.After 10 years Brian was Given the Opportunity to participate in a few Experimental Prototype Designs and Oil Filed Software. Bored with the mundane Brian decided to turn his attention to Bitcoin and even attempted to Start a Bitcoin Farm when the Price was $20.00.  Doing Consulting for Web and Email Servers is Presently Brian’s primary focus Dealing with Security and Network Maintenance.

Brian has Always been a Artist, and here very recently has decided to become a Entertainer.  Laughs are allowed.

Seeing up his own Studio Brian started playing with doing the news.

Now while Brian is Writing a show he is currently Making content for the Trailer Park Boys.